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Fare treatment Despite disapproving looks and barely concealed jealousy, Senegal’s new all-female taxi company is driving the competition, as Rose Skelton discovers ELdging along the congested main road that leads in and out of Senegal’s seaside capital, Dakar, a young woman in a bright headscarf leans out of a taxi window. “Taxi […]

Fare treatment

African Browser: Comics from the Ivory Coast & the latest luxury lodges NEW OPENINGS The Sanctuary at Ol LentilleNaibunga Conservancy, Kenya If having your own private house (complete with butler) in a 2,400-hectare private conserved area sounds indulgent, it is! But 75km north of Mount Kenya, the Sanctuary at Ol […]

African browser 4

Nobel Cause Kenya’s 2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai talks about environmentalism and women’s rights activism, and how they’re essential to Africa’s future. Wangari Maathai adjusts her headscarf as she describes the moment she discovered she’d won the Nobel Peace Prize. It was an October day in 2004 and […]

Nobel Cause

Et Dieu créa la femme Nous rendons ici un hommage aux femmes importantes à travers les époques qui ont contribué à dessiner les contours de l’Afrique 3.2 million years ago: Lucy Dans les années 1960, les biologistes avaient deux théories sur nos origines : selon la première, les humains étaient […]

Et Dieu créa la femme

Life’s Rich Pageant The winner of Miss Landmine Angola 2008 is Augusta Hurica, a beautiful woman with only one leg. Her prize is a new custom-made artificial limb, but it’s hoped her victory will do even more for her country, highlighting the tragedy of a landscape that’s littered with thousands […]

Life’s Rich Pageant