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West African women’s choir and the latest luxury lodges NEW OPENINGS Sasaab CampSamburu National Game Reserve, Kenya Northern Kenya, in particular the culturally rich Samburu Heartland, is home to some of Africa’s most impressive wildlife and dramatic scenery. Against the dramatic backdrop of volcanic mountains the landscape is rugged with […]

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Jeux D’enfant / Child Games A game of bao, which has characteristics similar to chess and backgammon, can be played with very simple materials, but is extremely complex to play Two boys hold a toy car that they have made out of old flip-flop.The boy has disguised himself as a […]

Jeux d’enfant

Songs of Freedom The young musicians of AURA (Artistes Unis pour le Rap Africain) have joined together to teach children self-awareness and moral values through music. Angela Robson reports For as long as he can remember, Ousmane has passed on everything he’s been given to his marabout, his religious teacher. But tonight, as […]

Songs of Freedom