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Nairobi City Guides Here’s a list of our articles about Nairobi: Nairobi City Guide Nairobi Autumn Guide Growing in the Rain: a story of Maasai women’s group who has adopted the simple technology of collecting and storing rainwater to help themselves adapt to modern life.

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Luanda Population (Liberia) 3,441,790Currency Liberian dollarAverage temp. (Jul-Aug) 25ºC Old and new With new bars and restaurants springing up around town, we have our eye on Tides, a Mamba Point bar with a great decking area that’s set to open this year. And don’t miss out on staples such as […]

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Freetown City Guides Here’s a list of our articles about Freetown, Sierra Leone, available in English, French & Dutch: Freetown City Guide Freetown Autumn Guide A loan in the dark: Sierra Leone is in the process of creating an entrepreneurial middle class using microfinance schemes to promote local economic development […]

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Douala City Guides Here’s a list of our articles about Douala, Cameroon: Douala City Guide Douala Autumn Guide Essential: Douala The Essential Guide to Africa. Part 2. Updated 2020.

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Kigali City Guides Here’s a list of our articles about Kigali: Kigali City Guide Kigali Autumn Guide Rising Up the Scale: From soukous to Kigali Boyz Group and the internet to mobile operators, we track the rise of East Africa’s urban music 60 seconds with…Marcel Brekelmans, general manager at the […]

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Douala Population (Cameroon): 18,468,000Currency: CFA francAverage temp. (Jul-Aug): 25ºCCountry code for Ivory Coast: +237 GETTING AROUNDDouala International Airport is 10km from the city and taxis charge CFA 3,000 (€4.50) in the day and CFA 4,000 (€6) at night to take you into town. First-time visitors are best booking an airport pick-up through their hotel. […]

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Banjul Population (The Gambia): 1,735,000Currency: DalasiAverage temp. (Jul-Aug): 27ºCCountry code for Ivory Coast: +220 GETTING AROUNDBanjul has a simple taxi payment system for tourists, which works out more expensive than the everyday yellow taxis but saves a lot of hassle. Green tourist taxis will take you from the airport to the main hotel/beach centre […]

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