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Variety Show: Cameroon CAMEROON Cameroon is a country of great diversity and unusual beauty, as Njei Moses Timah discovers on a North West Province road trip from Douala to Wum Anyone trying to describe the whole of Africa briefly could almost do so in one word: Cameroon. Not only does […]

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Belgium’s place in the sun Fantastic man-made beaches, great bars, fabulous restaurants and even something for art-lovers . . . Debbie Pappyn reveals how outdoor entertainment is where it’s at this summer in Belgium City beaches The newly renovated Bassin Béco, where you’ll find Bruxelles Les Bains (Brussels Beach), is […]

Belgium’s City Beaches

Casablanca: Bright, White Metropolis Casablanca was brought to life by Warner Bros in the classic 1942 movie of the same name. Now, Anthea Gerrie discovers if the Moroccan city’s fascinating architecture still evokes that era A side from Rick’s Café (248, boulevard Sour Jdid, Old Medina), a newly and knowingly […]


Fair Trade Rules Fair trade has changed the lives of poor farmers around the world. Louise Tickle looks at its success and asks if the entry of multinational companies into the market could change that … Scattered across 200km of western Uganda, a group of farmers cultivate tiny plots of […]

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Focus on the Congo Extreme eye diseases, cultural differences, tough working conditions and limited funding. Find out what motivated a team of Belgian ophthalmologists to help restore sight to those in need in the Democratic Republic of Congo When Yann Huyghebaert, of eye-care giant Bausch & Lomb, visited Belgian ophthalmologist […]

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Your essential guide to Casablanca DISCOVER CHARM AND ROMANCE IN CASABLANCA Casablanca – the name conjures romance, intrigue and suspense. The 1942 film, set during World War II, was about just that. Bergman and Bogart had a date with fate in Morocco’s largest city. Today, visitors discover the same magic […]

Moroccan charm