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Food for thought Celebrated chef Eamon Mullan tells Richard Trillo about the highs and lows of cooking for a living – and the opportunities it can offer Kenyan youngsters At heart, Eamon Mullan – executive chef at Nairobi’s Fairview Hotel – has always been a bit of a rebel. “I […]

Food for Thought

Some like it HOT Chilli peppers are used around the world to add flavor and kick to culinary dishes, but in some parts of Africa they’re used in more interesting ways, as Alan Duncan discovers As conversations go, few can be weirder than the one I overheard while dining at […]

Some like it HOT

Astounding African acrobatics, soulful sounds from Senegal and the latest luxury lodges NEW OPENINGS Hotel Keur Saloum Toubacouta, Le Delta du Saloum, Senegal If you appreciate beautiful surroundings, this hotel should be on your list. It’s located in Delta du Saloum, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has been inducted […]

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