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Saving the seas Marine Protected Areas are designed to protect some of the world’s richest ocean environments. Kate Eshelby takes a look at their impact on the coastline of West Africa The early morning sun glints golden on the sea, which is alive with hundreds of turtles. On the sands […]

Saving the seas

Playing with food The latest contribution to Vienna’s rich musical heritage comes from the unlikeliest of sources, finds Nick Hodge When confronted by a pile of aubergines at a vegetable stall, most of us think along fairly mundane lines. “Perhaps I can chuck some of those into a pasta sauce,” […]

Playing with food

FOOD ON THE FLY Sometimes it’s more than a question of a knife and fork! This African fish eagle (Haliaeetus vocifer) is in mid-stoop with outstretched talons, about to catch its prey. With breathtaking precision and speed, the eagle will often snatch fish of comparable size to itself from the […]


The Essential Guide to Africa. Updated 2020. Douala & Yaoundé Okumo Angwa takes a tour of the two most prominent cities in Cameroon and gets in touch with the local culture COUNTRY CODE FOR CAMEROON +237 CAMEROONPopulation: 18,060,382Currency: CFA FrancAverage temperature (Mar-Apr): 24ºC Often referred to as “Africa in miniature” owing to its […]