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Belgian browser COUNTRY CODE FOR BELGIUM +32 Our pick of restaurants, hotels and the best events from cities across Belgium. EATING OUT Bazaar Resto63 Rue des Capucins, BrusselsHidden behind a tiny door in the historic Marolles district, this glittering space was once a fabric factory and even a monastery, but […]

Belgian Browser

Foraging free It’s the new food fad and it’s healthy, free and good for the environment. Heidi Fuller-Love takes a tour of wild food courses around Europe where you can learn to forage for your supper If you were brought up to believe that edible greens are those dirt-free things sold in […]

Foraging Free

Urban wilderness Belgium may not be known for its nightlife, but that’s about to change. We follow the latest trend of cool nights out in the bars and clubs of Belgium’s boutique hotels Be Manos 23 Square de l’Aviation, Brussels The bar Kick-start your night sipping cognac or French wine while chilling out […]

Urban Wilderness