Fired up Bright sparks The drawing in of the long winter nights means there’s more time for firework displays; from the closing ceremony of the Edinburgh festival (5 September) to Guy Fawkes Night in the UK (5 November) and the New Year displays from Zurich to Lisbon, Europe’s skies will be […]

Fired up

It’s a matter of opinion Kenyan sci-fi director Wanuri Kahiu sees her high-tech filmmaking as a continuation of an ancient, tribal storytelling tradition “In Kikuyu culture there’s a role for a seer; someone who interprets the future, but is also a keeper of memories. We draw inspiration from nature to tell stories, […]

It’s a matter of opinion

Nairobi City Guides Here’s a list of our articles about Nairobi: Nairobi City Guide Nairobi Autumn Guide Growing in the Rain: a story of Maasai women’s group who has adopted the simple technology of collecting and storing rainwater to help themselves adapt to modern life.


Luanda Population (Liberia) 3,441,790Currency Liberian dollarAverage temp. (Jul-Aug) 25ºC Old and new With new bars and restaurants springing up around town, we have our eye on Tides, a Mamba Point bar with a great decking area that’s set to open this year. And don’t miss out on staples such as […]


Freetown City Guides Here’s a list of our articles about Freetown, Sierra Leone, available in English, French & Dutch: Freetown City Guide Freetown Autumn Guide A loan in the dark: Sierra Leone is in the process of creating an entrepreneurial middle class using microfinance schemes to promote local economic development […]


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Kigali City Guides Here’s a list of our articles about Kigali: Kigali City Guide Kigali Autumn Guide Rising Up the Scale: From soukous to Kigali Boyz Group and the internet to mobile operators, we track the rise of East Africa’s urban music 60 seconds with…Marcel Brekelmans, general manager at the […]