60 seconds with…Johan Van Wassenhove, MD of Denys, based in Ghent Denys is a multi-specialist construction group working in North and sub-Saharan Africa.One of our most recent projects involved constructing a 35km pipeline in Ghana to bring water from the Volta river to a water plant in Accra, where it […]

60 seconds with..

Made in Luanda With a fashion-conscious and moneyed young elite rising through the ranks in the Angolan capital, Cécile de Comarmond finds that Luanda is very much in vogue Africa’s fashion scene has found its footing in recent years, with the internet opening doors to audiences and influences from around the globe. […]

Made in Luanda

Happily ever Belgian If you’ve ever wondered where Cinderella enjoyed her fairy-tale ending, look no further: Belgium has more castles per square mile than anywhere else in the world (an estimated 3,000 in total). Kimberley Lovato seeks out the best Flower power Originally constructed around 1110, Château de Grand-Bigard sits just 7km west of […]

Happily Ever Belgian

A well-heeled journey Tamara Thiessen follows a trail of Italian shoe sensations into the shops, museums and hotels of Milan, Venice, Florence and Rome As Marilyn Monroe once said: “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” For every outing – whether to the shops, the countryside, […]

A well-heeled journey

Micro madams More and more women across Kenya are finding their feet in the world of business, thanks in large part to microfinance loan schemes. Chris Peck reports Among Africa’s female working population there is an emerging trend towards local investment from microfinance organisations, set up to encourage entrepreneurs to build a better […]

Micro Madams

Scoring goals With just five years left to achieve the UN’s eight Millennium Development Goals, Victoria Averill weighs up the chances of these targets actually being met In the western Kenyan village of Sauri, near Lake Victoria, the crops don’t fail, nearly all the children attend school, malaria is almost non-existent and […]

Scoring Goals

It’s a matter of opinion Compensation aside, it’s about time African governments acted on climate change, says Ivorian campaigner Eric Agnero, head of Greencast Africa Greencast Africa is an Abidjan-based group of media professionals and scientists, who traveled to the Copenhagen climate summit last December to put pressure on African […]

It’s a matter of opinion

Songs from a thousand hills A choir made up mainly of Rwandan orphans seeks to bring a message of hope to other troubled nations, writes Dicken Marshall While Africa may already have a wonderful range of established and emerging choirs, the Solace Gospel Choir, which was formed in 1998 with the […]

Songs from a Thousand Hills

Beyond Brussels From Knokke to Dinant, Kimberley Lovato heads out of Brussels to discover Belgium by train Passing through Brussels for a meeting or for a quick tour is de rigueur for most travellers flying into Belgium. But for those who have a little time to spare, and for the price […]

Beyond Brussels

Getting away from it all If you want to step off the tourist trail for an altogether different type of holiday, with as little eco-guilt as possible, you need look no further than Africa, says Frank Bures You might call it a branding problem: Africa, the destination? It doesn’t exactly roll […]

Getting away from it all