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Builder of Dreams Africa’s leading architect, Pierre Goudiaby, known as Atepa, ‘the builder’, celebrated his 60th birthday in July this year but remains indefatigable in his efforts to ensure a brighter future for his children and all of Africa, as Jenny Cathcart discovers Born in Baila on the Atlantic seaboard […]

Builder of Dreams

Unmasking African art Peter Griffiths explains how a more proactive approach to funding the arts in Africa could yield significant benefits for the region You’re walking down what could be almost any dusty street in Africa – it’s hot, and you have $5 left in your pocket. It’s your last […]

Unmasking African art

Essential Banjul The Gambian capital is a refreshingly relaxed place to do business Banjul, the seat of the Gambian government, is one of West Africa’s smallest and safest capital cities. Settled by the British in the early 19th century as a trading base, its port is still a busy regional […]