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What to Listen: Our Audio Picks Emerald Book A relaxing musical journey in time and harmonyUn voyage relaxant au cœur du temps et de l’harmonie Lyle Mays Newborn (Geffen)Egberto Gismonti Frevo (ECM)Eberhard Weber Death in the carwash (ECM)Michael Stearns Twin Flame (Heart of Space)Lyle Mays Close to home (Geffen)Henry Wolff The silver eye (Celestial)Henryk Mikolaj Górecki Lento […]


in the news SAVING LIVES ON THE WATER Lake Victoria in Africa is the second largest lake in the world, only exceeded in size by Lake Superior in North America. It provides drinking water, transport and food for over 20 million people. The lake is also home to a major […]

In the News

What to See: Our Video Picks Juno Comedy/Drama 94 minsCert PG-13Director Jason ReitmanCast Ellen Page, Jennifer Garner, JK Simmons Juno, a whip-smart teen, has to grow up fast after getting pregnant. Luckily, she finds her unborn child the “perfect” set of parents: an affluent suburban couple longing to adopt. But then the future dad […]


TWO NEW CITY CHECK-INS As part of a continuing program of infrastructure investment in Africa, we have just opened two new city check-in offices in downtown Kinshasa and Conakry This means that passengers now have the highly convenient option of an easy and rapid check-in right in the middle of […]


Taste of Africa Add some spice to your kitchen with these recipes sourced from around Africa African cuisine is a multifaceted thing, blending Arab, European and Asian influences with ancient local flavours. In this article we look at food in Africa from a multitude of angles: its diversity across the […]

Taste of Africa

Wild flavours Cultivating traditional food crops in Africa is positive for the food crisis, the environment and, in most cases, travellers’ tastebuds, says Tamara Thiessen In the hands of a group of Kenyan women, the colorful seeds of traditional food plants are like a mosaic of life. Fruits, cereals, tubers, […]

Wild flavours