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Cool summer From dune-rich De Panne to ultra-chic Knokke, Belgium’s beaches offer the perfect summer escape. Renée Cordes dives right in Nothing says summer like a day at the beach, whether you prefer splashing in the water, strolling barefoot in the sand or taking a well-deserved siesta. So when the sun beats […]

Cool Summer

KIGALI CITY GUIDE COUNTRY CODE FOR RWANDA +250 RWANDAPopulation: 9,908,000Currency: Rwandan francAverage temperature (Mar-Apr): 21ºC GETTING AROUND Although Kanombe Airport is only a five-minute drive from Kigali city centre, a taxi costs about 5,000 Rwandan francs (€6). If you are staying at a hotel, have them arrange a meet-and-greet. The city is small […]


The double-X factor Is gender discrimination in European workplaces a thing of the past? Sally Howard asks some of Europe’s high-flying women: “What’s the air like up there?” When it was said of Hollywood star Ginger Rogers that she had to do everything her dancing partner Fred Astaire did “only backwards and […]

The double-X factor

MONROVIA COUNTRY CODE FOR LIBERIA +231 LIBERIAPopulation: 3,196,000Currency: Liberian dollarAverage temperature (Mar-Apr): 27ºC EN – GETTING AROUND Robertsfield International Airport is 58km east of Monrovia. The 90-minute drive costs between 1,800 and 6,000 Liberian dollars (€20 to €65) by taxi or four-wheel drive vehicle. Booking in advance is highly recommended, particularly if you’re […]


KAMPALA CITY GUIDE COUNTRY CODE FOR UGANDA +256 UGANDAPopulation: 30,263,000Currency: Ugandan shillingAverage temperature (Mar-Apr): 21ºC GETTING AROUND Entebbe International Airport is 40km from Kampala. Hotels run free shuttle buses for guests, while the recommended airport taxis (white saloon cars with a yellow band down the middle) charge about 50,000 Ugandan shillings (€20). The […]


LUANDA COUNTRY CODE FOR ANGOLA +244 ANGOLAPopulation: 12,264,000Currency: KwanzaAverage temperature (Mar-Apr): 26ºC GETTING AROUND There are a number of transport options from the airport, which is 4km from the city centre. For the more adventurous there are the local public taxis (candongeiro), which cost around 50 kwanza (€0.50). A meter taxi service (Macon […]


BANJUL CITY GUIDE COUNTRY CODE FOR THE GAMBIA +220 THE GAMBIAPopulation: 1,688,000Currency: DalasiAverage temperature (Mar-Apr): 25ºC GETTING AROUND Banjul has a simple taxi payment system for tourists, which is more expensive than the everyday yellow taxis but saves a lot of hassle. Green ‘tourist taxis’ will take you from the airport to the […]


NAIROBI COUNTRY CODE FOR KENYA +254 KENYAPopulation: 36,914,000Currency: Kenyan shillingAverage temperature (Mar-Apr): 20.5ºC EN – GETTING AROUND International flights arrive at Jomo Kenyatta Airport, 15km from the city centre. A taxi into town costs around 1,200 Kenyan shillings (€12). Negotiate the fare in advance and don’t pay more because of “rising fuel costs” […]


BUJUMBURA CITY GUIDE COUNTRY CODE FOR BURUNDI +257 BURUNDIPopulation: 8,391,000Currency: Burundi francAverage temperature (Mar-Apr): 25ºC GETTING AROUND A cab ride from Bujumbura Airport to the city centre will take about five minutes and cost less than 11,000 Burundi francs (€6). Inner-city cab fares are relatively cheap, so you can expect to pay less […]