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Nile: The Source of the Smile Uganda is home to one of the greatest kayaking rivers in the world. Sam Rich picked up his paddle and tested the waters on the White Nile. The taxi that drove us down to the shores of the Nile at Jinja (about an hour […]

The source of the smile

Growing in the Rain Harvesting rainfall is proving a lifeline in Kenya says Victoria Averill as she catches up with a Maasai women’s group who have adopted the simple technology of collecting and storing rainwater to help themselves adapt to modern life. Agnes Loirket emerges from her corrugated iron roofed […]

Growing in the rain

Les zones côtières au Sénégal ne peuvent plus conserver leurs espèces. Read this article in French: C’est la même histoire du nord au sud : les zones côtières au Sénégal ne peuvent plus conserver leurs espèces. Les pêcheurs traditionnels ont depuis peu décidé de sauver la mer de la surpêche […]

The future of fishing

Wind & Waves: Kitesurfing in Kenya One of the world’s fastest growing sports has hit the shores of Africa. Josh Collings caught up with some of the key players behind Kenya’s kitesurfing scene. It may be hard to believe as you fly in to Nairobi, but Kenya’s land-locked capital is […]

Wind and Waves

What’s On: Ethiopian treasures, wax print textiles and the latest hotel openings 5 HIDDEN GEMS Ethiopia is rapidly rising through the ranks as a destination with plenty of potential. Too long blighted by media portrayals of drought and famine, the country’s wealth of cultural and natural resources are emerging to […]

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