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Dakar City Guide Population (Senegal): 12,853,000Currency: CFA francAverage temp. (Jul-Aug): 27ºCCountry code for Ivory Coast: +221 GETTING AROUND Dakar airport is 15km from the centre of town, and a taxi should cost around CFA 4,000 (€6), including luggage and some hard bargaining. The best thing to do is to call your hotel in advance […]


Conakry Population (Guinea): 10,211,000Currency: Guinean francAverage temp. (Jul-Aug): 25ºCCountry code for Ivory Coast: +224 GETTING AROUND A taxi from Conakry International Airport to the city centre takes about 30 minutes and costs around GNF 50,000 (€7). Most hotels can arrange taxi transfers – make sure you negotiate the price before you leave. EAT OUT […]


Yaounde Population (Cameroon): 18,468,000Currency: CFA francAverage temp. (Jul-Aug): 22ºCCountry code for Ivory Coast: +237 GETTING AROUND Yaoundé Nsimalen International Airport is 28km from the city centre. The official taxi tarif is CFA 5,000 (€7.60) from 6am to 10pm and CFA 6,000 (€9.15) from 10pm to 6am. EAT OUT The restaurant/bar Fleur-d’Ébène (Avenue Marc Vivien Foé, Esson) […]


Abidjan Population (Ivory Coast): 18,373,000Currency: CFA francAverage temp. (Jul-Aug): 24.5ºCCountry code for Ivory Coast: +225 GETTING AROUND Abidjan Airport isn’t far from the city centre and metered taxis wait outside the gate. A ride to Plateau, where most business hotels are located, costs between CFA 3,000 (€4.60) and CFA 6,000 (€9.10). You can negotiate […]


Douala Population (Cameroon): 18,468,000Currency: CFA francAverage temp. (Jul-Aug): 25ºCCountry code for Ivory Coast: +237 GETTING AROUND Douala International Airport is 10km from the city and taxis charge CFA 3,000 (€4.50) in the day and CFA 4,000 (€6) at night to take you into town. Bargaining is allowed, but first-time visitors are advised to book […]


Business browser Every issue we review businesses, products and meet people behind key organisations across our network. ORGANIZATION TO KNOW RAWBANK is a Congolese bank that was established in 2001 by five brothers of the Rawji family. The bank has already opened branches in DR Congo’s three most important cities, […]

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A loan in the dark Although ranked as one of the world’s poorest countries by the United Nations, Sierra Leone is in the process of creating an entrepreneurial middle class using microfinance schemes to promote local economic development. Mariama Jalloh used to keep all her money in a drawer by […]

A loan in the dark

Audio Emerald Book A relaxing musical journey in time and harmonyUn voyage relaxant au cœur du temps et de l’harmonie Oppermann Emerald Forest (Biber)Zelwer Rest Awhile (MTM)Paul Giger Crossing (ECM)Paul Horn Initiation (Kuckuck)John Surman Not Love Perhaps (ECM)David Darling Psalm (ECM)Doudou N’diaye Rose Rose Rythm (Virgin)Renaud Garcia-Fons Inanga (Harmonia Mundi)Arild Andersen If You Look (ECM)Staurt Dempster Didjeridervish (New Albion)Mike Figgis History […]


Airline news Alfred Kidjo Head of Distribution Services Distribution in the airline business is a complicated business, and I’ve been in it for 10 years now. The main challenge has always been to control the costs and maintain efficiency while bringing our product offer to as wide a market as […]

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What to See: Our Video Picks The Ruins Thriller 90 minsCert RDirector Carter SmithCast Jonathan Tucker, Laura Ramsey, Jena Malone Based on the terrifying bestseller by Scott Smith. A group of American friends must struggle for survival after visiting a remote archaeological dig in the Mexican jungle, where they discover something deadly living among […]

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