Foraging free It’s the new food fad and it’s healthy, free and good for the environment. Heidi Fuller-Love takes a tour of wild food courses around Europe where you can learn to forage for your supper If you were brought up to believe that edible greens are those dirt-free things sold in […]

Foraging Free

Urban wilderness Belgium may not be known for its nightlife, but that’s about to change. We follow the latest trend of cool nights out in the bars and clubs of Belgium’s boutique hotels Be Manos 23 Square de l’Aviation, Brussels The bar Kick-start your night sipping cognac or French wine while chilling out […]

Urban Wilderness

Belgium’s water features From boating to white-water kayaking to hydrotherapy, Lucy Mallows looks at three of the best water-based trips in Belgium The fancy facades of merchants’ houses are reflected in the canal along Bruges’ Spiegelrei. These days, little more than a trickle of Brussels’ River Senne flows through the […]

Belgium’s water features

Belgian browser Our pick of restaurants, hotels and the best events from cities across Belgium. BED DOWN Hotel Café Pacific57 Rue Antoine Dansaert, BrusselsSituated on Brussels’ most fashionable street, this boutique hotel is just minutes from the port. The bedrooms have all been beautifully designed with contemporary furnishings and quirky […]

Belgian Browser

H2O hysteria From Christian Lacroix-designed bottles and specialist water bars to towns that have built their identity around bottled waters, Tom Moggach takes a look at Europe’s love affair with water Next time it rains, stop and think. Every brand of bottled water starts with rain, yet the story of […]

H2O hysteria

Cool summer From dune-rich De Panne to ultra-chic Knokke, Belgium’s beaches offer the perfect summer escape. Renée Cordes dives right in Nothing says summer like a day at the beach, whether you prefer splashing in the water, strolling barefoot in the sand or taking a well-deserved siesta. So when the sun beats […]

Cool Summer

The double-X factor Is gender discrimination in European workplaces a thing of the past? Sally Howard asks some of Europe’s high-flying women: “What’s the air like up there?” When it was said of Hollywood star Ginger Rogers that she had to do everything her dancing partner Fred Astaire did “only backwards and […]

The double-X factor

Belgian Browser: Where to Stay, What to Do, and What to Eat. Updated May 2020. Our pick of restaurants, hotels and events from the cities of Belgium. BED DOWN Hotel Bloom250 Rue Royale, Brussels A breath of fresh air on the Brussels scene, trendy Hotel Bloom lives up to its […]

Belgian Browser

Little blue men As the Smurfs turn 50, Renée Cordes reports on the everlasting appeal of the little blue creatures made in Belgium What do you call a group of 100 adorable blue-skinned fellows, each measuring three apples tall and living in mushroom houses in the middle of the forest? The […]

Little Blue Men

Our pick of restaurants, hotels and events from the cities of Belgium BED DOWN The Pand Hotel16 Pandreijte, Bruges In this most romantic of Belgian cities it’s hard to find a more appropriate place to stay than the Pand Hotel, a luxury boutique hotel in a renovated 18th-century carriage house. […]

Europe Belgian Browser