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Bujumbura Population (Burundi): 8,691,000Currency: Burundi francAverage temp. (Jul-Aug): 24.5ºCCountry code for Ivory Coast: +257 GETTING AROUNDBujumbura International Airport lies 11km outside the city centre. It’s a relatively hassle-free experience to get into town – just be sure to use an official taxi, which should cost around BIF 1,000 (€0,50). EAT OUTIf you fancy refined […]


Nairobi Population (Kenya): 37,954,000Currency: Kenyan shillingAverage temp. (Jul-Aug): 17ºCCountry code for Ivory Coast: +254 GETTING AROUNDJomo Kenyatta International Airport is 15km from the city centre. A taxi into town costs around KES 1,200 (€12.40). Negotiate the fare in advance and don’t pay more because of “rising fuel costs” or “jams”. Alternatively, you can take […]


Dakar Population (Senegal): 12,853,000Currency: CFA francAverage temp. (Jul-Aug): 27ºCCountry code for Ivory Coast: +221 GETTING AROUNDDakar airport is 15km from the centre of town, and a taxi should cost around CFA 4,000 (€6), including luggage and some hard bargaining. The best thing to do is to call your hotel in advance and arrange for […]


Kampala Population (Uganda): 31,368,000Currency: Ugandan shillingAverage temp. (Jul-Aug): 20ºCCountry code for Ivory Coast: +256 GETTING AROUNDInternational flights arrive at Entebbe International Airport, 40km south of the capital. A taxi into town costs around UGX 50,000 (€20). There’s no public transport into the city. Alternatively, take a taxi to Entebbe for UGX 10,000 (€4), then […]


Kinshasa Population (DRC): 66,515,000Currency: Congolese francAverage temp. (Jul-Aug): 23.5ºCCountry code for Ivory Coast: +243 GETTING AROUNDN’Djili International Airport lies 50km east of Kinshasa. The trip into the city is best done by taxi for about CDF 10,000 (€12). Taxis can be found outside N’Djili’s main building. EAT OUTLa Chaumière (3469 Avenue Ngongo Lutete, Goimbe) […]


Monrovia Population (Liberia): 3,335,000Currency: Liberian dollarAverage temp. (Jul-Aug): 25ºCCountry code for Ivory Coast: +231 GETTING AROUNDRoberts International Airport is 58km from Monrovia. Call ahead to your hotel to organise a ride into town, particularly if you’re arriving at night. You can expect to pay between LRD 1,905 (€20) and LRD 4,445 (€45) for airport […]


Abidjan Population (Ivory Coast): 18,373,000Currency: CFA francAverage temp. (Jul-Aug): 24.5ºCCountry code for Ivory Coast: +225 GETTING AROUND Abidjan Airport isn’t far from the city centre and metered taxis wait outside the gate. A ride to Plateau, where most business hotels are located, costs between CFA 3,000 (€4,60) and CFA 6,000 (€9,10). You can negotiate […]


Business browser Every issue we review businesses, products and meet people behind key organisations across our network HOLIDAY HOTSPOT The Gambia may be one of Africa’s smallest countries but, having enjoyed long spells of stability, it is also a tourism hotspot. Indeed, tourism is the country’s fastest growing industry, contributing […]

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Water works Un-exploited hydro resources are abundant across Africa. Peter Griffiths reports on the need to untap the continent’s power potentialIllustrations Nils Davey Flying over Africa late at night reveals a continent largely in darkness, littered only by flickers of faint firelights and several metropolises that have managed to find […]

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Airline news Fatoumata Manjang 17 year-old author of The Viviane Diary, which is ‘an intricate literary web of romance, tragic loss, hip hop, superstition, peer pressure and greed’. Fatoumata Manjang is a very self-assured young lady. When we meet at the Brussels Airlines Lounge at Zaventem Airport, she greets me […]

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