It’s a matter of opinion Drilling for oil in national parks doesn’t have to be at the expense of wildlife, says Moses Mapesa, executive director of the Uganda Wildlife Authority  The discovery of oil in the Albertine Rift Valley of western Uganda promises a welcome financial windfall for this landlocked […]

It’s a matter of opinion

Africa kicks off As Africa prepares to host not just one, but two massive footballing events during 2010, local footie fanatic Ed Aarons looks at why every African has the right to feel proud  Legendary Brazilian footballer Pelé might have been a few years out when he predicted an African team […]

Africa kicks off

Rising up the scale From soukous to Kigali Boyz Group and the internet to mobile operators, Peter Griffiths tracks the rise of East Africa’s urban music The days of African city boys plucking tunes on their box guitars and radio-phonographs playing the latest ‘international’ fare are long gone. Today it […]

Rising up the scale

Sounds of the Ivory Coast Ki-Yi Mbock, West Africa’s most culturally diverse musical theater troupe, has a unique flavor, says Kate Thomas. Its sounds bring Africans together Swathed in gold, purple and red, the stage erupts in a cacophony of sound and colour. Light pours down, showcasing the exuberant outfits of […]

Sounds of the Ivory Coast

Hip Hideaways As the holiday trend for African safaris and beach breaks becomes more mainstream, regular visitors keep their ears to the ground for news of the destinations of the moment. Richard Trillo spotlights five corners of a continent that never fails to surprise The Gambia Tropical forests, sandy beaches, bustling markets, […]

Hip Hideaways

La fièvre de la jungle La région de Virunga abrite une richesse incomparable de biodiversité, avec 414 espèces endémiques qui peuplent des écosystèmes variés, depuis les montagnes et les forêts jusqu’aux steppes et aux marécages des plaines. En marge des frontières du Rwanda, de l’Ouganda et de la République Démocratique […]

Jungle fever

What’s on: Dates for your diary, hotel and museum news, Gola Forest update and Uganda’s rising tennis champ. NEW OPENINGS Sandele Bay Eco-Retreat, Kartong Village, Western Division, The Gambia Catering for the discerning eco-traveller, the sumptuous Sandele Eco-Retreat is already garnering rave reviews from all who stay there. Easily accessed […]

African browser

A Talk on the Wild Side WWF is credited with running one of Africa’s most successful conservation initiatives. Tamsin Taylor caught up with Taye Teferi, one of the key players behind the program, to talk about why Africa’s wildlife needs global attention When we meet in WWF’s Nairobi headquarters, Dr […]

A talk on the wild side

Born Free Whether it’s viewing the Big Five* on safari or trekking after mountain gorillas in Rwanda, Angela Robson asks industry experts if Africa’s indigenous animals are really wild anymore? “My view of the cheetah was quickly obscured by a large, khaki-clad backside. Most of the safari hunters on board […]

Born Free

Nile: The Source of the Smile Uganda is home to one of the greatest kayaking rivers in the world. Sam Rich picked up his paddle and tested the waters on the White Nile. The taxi that drove us down to the shores of the Nile at Jinja (about an hour […]

The source of the smile