China Rising With increasing Chinese investment in Africa, Alan Duncan looks at the potential pros and cons of such a co-operation Africa has rich resources and market potentials; China has available effective practices and practical knowhow it has gained in the course of modernisation.” So said Chinese president Hu Jintao […]

China Rising

Builder of Dreams Africa’s leading architect, Pierre Goudiaby, known as Atepa, ‘the builder’, celebrated his 60th birthday in July this year but remains indefatigable in his efforts to ensure a brighter future for his children and all of Africa, as Jenny Cathcart discovers Born in Baila on the Atlantic seaboard […]

Builder of Dreams

Unmasking African art Peter Griffiths explains how a more proactive approach to funding the arts in Africa could yield significant benefits for the region You’re walking down what could be almost any dusty street in Africa – it’s hot, and you have $5 left in your pocket. It’s your last […]

Unmasking African art

Essential Banjul The Gambian capital is a refreshingly relaxed place to do business Banjul, the seat of the Gambian government, is one of West Africa’s smallest and safest capital cities. Settled by the British in the early 19th century as a trading base, its port is still a busy regional […]


What’s Growing With African governments recognizing the urgent need to increase spending on agriculture, Victoria Averill takes a look at what the big agricultural exports are, who is investing in them and what is being done to boost the sector The importance of agriculture in Africa cannot be overestimated. Agriculture […]

Whats Growing

ESSENTIAL: DAKAR West Africa’s cosmopolitan centre of power, Dakar is a bustling, dynamic city teeming with energy, as Chloe Greenbank discovers COUNTRY CODE FOR SENEGAL +221 Dakar, the capital of Senegal, is located on the country’s Atlantic Coast and is Africa’s westernmost city – an advantageous departure point for transatlantic […]

Essential Dakar

Business Browser Every month, we review businesses, products and meet people behind key organisations across our network Organization to know Close the Gap ( is an international non-profit organization that has embraced the need to narrow the digital gap between the Northern and Southern hemispheres by recycling used computers and […]

Business Browser

Hidden Gems: Where to Buy Jewellery in Antwerp and Brussels Contemporary jewellery in Antwerp has grown up. From wood, copper and tin via silver and semi-precious stones, its highly creative designers are moving into gold and the diamonds for which the city is renowned, as Lisa Johnson discovers As the […]

Hidden Gems

Moroccan makeover The bleached walls of Casablanca are about to get a €298m lick of paint. Peter Griffiths reveals the economic implications for Morocco’s largest city Introducing colour to the classic 1942 film Casablanca was a controversial decision in the 1980s. More than 20 years later, Morocco’s economic capital is […]

Moroccan Makeover

Essential Douala Cameroon’s largest city may not have the glory of being the capital but that has never held it back, as Njei Moses Timah reveals. Locals joke that Douala sits in the ‘armpit of Africa’. They’re not being self-deprecating; the city lies on the midpoint of west Africa’s coastal […]

Essential Douala